Analytics – Insights to Success!

Tourico Holidays is the largest U.S. Based travel wholesaler with more than 50 billion annual searches by travel professionals for our hotel supply. Tourico Holidays deploys a balanced mix of programs through unique channels of distribution to achieve your growth goals. Your success is our success.

Dynamic Reporting

Travel Global Systems (TGS) – Many hotel partners discover that one of the most important factors in working with Tourico Holidays is our fully-owned, advanced technology resulting in real-time booking and data mining! Know exactly how your ads perform, and show positive ROI to your boss – we know it’s a necessary function of the industry.

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By the Numbers

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  • Thousands of global clients
  • 22 million+ web page views per month
  • Average 25% increase in room nights per campaign
  • Get 12 times the marketing for your dollar compared to the big OTAs
  • Gain marketing in 13 languages


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  • Tourico Holidays will track results quarterly, or at the end of your selected campaign
  • Increase in Room Nights
  • Increase of Lead Time
  • View & Search Analytics
  • Bookings YOY

Think of us as your global, non-traditional marketing arm
reaching dynamic international travel professionals.

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host-to-hostHost-to-Host clients

  • Unique, untraditional clients
  • Major Airline Carriers
  • Point Redemption Companies
  • Bank & Credit Card Loyalty Companies
  • And More

  • Thousands of Global Clients
  • Login Secure for Clients without own Booking Technology
  • Access in 13 Languages
  • Protected Rates


    650,000 login members booking business & leisure – (75% USA source)
  • Opaque channel – (Available in North America and Europe)

white-labelWhite Label

  • Example: Sam’s Club Travel – 46 million members!
  • 200 travel companies exclusively selling our travel supply
  • Available in 12 Languages
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$29 vs. $9
Online Travel Magazine CPM for banner vs. Tourico Holidays

4.83 Billion
2014 Tourico Holidays monthly searches

6X Higher
Bookings per page view than our competitors

Sam’s Club Travel members exclusively booking through Tourico Holidays



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Balanced Check-In Months
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Number of Tourico Holidays Clients that produce $1 Million+ per year by Region:

  • Europe/Middle East: 53
  • Asia/Pacific: 19
  • Latin America: 38
  • Canada: 6

Tourico Holidays continually markets to International Client Partners:

Consistent client partnership


Unique Distribution:

Points Redemption Clients distributed to U.S. and International

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American ExpressAmerican Express International – Green, Gold, Platinum, & Centurion Members Mileage Plus UnitedUnited Mileage Plus Frequent Flyer – 90 Million Members Delta SkymilesDelta Skymiles – 28 Million Members AeroMexico Club PremierAeroMexico Club Premier –
2.8 Million Members
Bank Loyalty MembersBank Loyalty Members – Millions of customers booking with opaque prices Canada Air MilesAir Canada – 10 million active members and 2 out of 3 Canadian households

What is Your Data Worth?

Purchased marketing lists, or registration data by itself can be inaccurate since as many as 88% a have lied on a registration form, according to a recent study.

Tourico Holidays has nearly 20 years of
established, well-qualified global clients.

Airline Clients:

Tourico Holidays provides hotel supply to 10 major airlines with some exclusive distribution

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Southwest Airlines JackpotSouthwest Airlines Jackpot Deal – The most visited airline web site American AirlinesAmerican Airlines – Exclusive International Provider LATAM Vacations –
1,400 Daily Departures
Hotel, Car, Vacation Packages

Campaign Reach:

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  • Email distribution will reach 4,600 clients
  • Brochure Print Ads will reach approximately 140,000 Hotel Buyers
  • 1,900 clients book through & White Labels
  • Tourico Holidays clients search our travel supply 160 million times per day

B2B Branding is Significant

Up to 90% of the travel buying process is done before a customer ever engages a travel sales person, according to Forrester.

Searches Turn Into Bookings

A comScore study found that prospects who viewed search marketing ads for a company were 82% more likely to buy the product in question than if they received no exposure.

Recipient shall use this Confidential Information only for the purpose of evaluating potential marketing and advertising with Tourico Holidays.